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Our company encourages people to share their passion with their community with the goal of strengthening common passion through a vibrant and fun experience. Anyone could and should become an event organizer (around their passion) and would be able to host a TV experience around their event.

We have made it our goal to do everything possible to respect the rights of users and communities, including privacy and image rights. Technologies will always be chosen that allow users to easily verify and influence information and content that concerns them.

We intend to create and run a company which has a lot of ambition in terms of impact on the market, which is innovative in terms of use cases, and at the forefront in terms of work methodologies, but which puts first and foremost its commitment to customer success and its respect for the autonomy, capacity, and well-being of employees.

Our personal motivation is to build a company of which we are proud, allowing employees to work in an environment that they appreciate.

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