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With AEngie TV, the 3rd generation “Social TV” arrives in Grenoble

The young French startup Mustang AEngie is launching AEngie TV, the first 3rd generation social TV experience that will allow sport events in the Rhône-Alpes region and elsewhere to have their own media coverage.

Grenoble, April 14, 2021 - With “AEngie TV”, the French startup Mustang AEngie offers a cloud-based end-to-end solution that allows event organizers (e.g. sport events) to provide a 3rd generation social TV experience (i.e. live, interactive, spontaneous and community-oriented) by transforming their audience into fans and reporters.

“Building, enhancing and sustaining the media coverage of a national outdoor sport event like the Ut4M, especially considering that it takes place outdoors across such a large territory, 170km of trails and over a long period of time, is frankly a challenge, ”emphasizes Sébastien Accarier, founder of UT4M, the Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs of the Grenoble region, an ultra-trail competition created in 2013.

Only the biggest and richest events can afford to rely on a professional media team, with most other events receiving limited attention from traditional broadcasters. In addition, a linear TV experience or even a 1st generation social TV experience is not sufficient for the needs of many events that need spontaneity, and where the unexpected often occurs where there is no camera. Event planners have the option of leveraging public social platforms, but this often dilutes the ownership of the event community for the benefit of social media. Finally, event planners have the option of creating 2nd generation social TV on their own, usually in the form of webcasting, but this often results in limited functionality, especially in terms of audience engagement.

“With AEngie TV, the audience contributes to the success of the media coverage and therefore to the success of the event,” says Ottavio Carparelli, CEO of Mustang AEngie. The public uses a mobile application to access all Social TV content and services offered by the organizer through AEngie TV, and to generate content that will be integrated into the overall Social TV content. The organizers have the option of providing access to some of the content and services via web access, or via traditional television and / or via existing social networks.

According to a study by PWC, better fan engagement, a better multimedia offering and a live experience are the three main opportunities for the sports industry for the years to come (PWC's Sport Survey 2019).

“The 3rd generation of Social TV must allow event organizers to rely on a more engaged, larger, better known, respected and valorized audience, what we call a 'High-Value Audience', to generate additional income through new advertising and sponsorship opportunities ”, continues Ottavio Carparelli.

AEngie TV is currently available as a Proof of Concept (PoC) for advanced customer projects use and will be commercially available starting from Q4 2021.

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