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The company

  • Created in October 2020

  • Headquartered in Grenoble, France

  • A team of former HPE senior executives, serial entrepreneurs and sport events specialists

  • R&D in Italy and France

  • Customer test version in spring 2021

  • First commercial version in February 2022

  • Early partnership with established players

Our purpose

Delivering a fitting community oriented Social TV experience on behalf of event organizers, allowing them to grow and valorize their content and audience.

At Mustang AEngie, we believe that the 3rd generation Social TV model will be pervasive: the TV of the future will be multi-stream, interactive, allowing audience contribution, including pervasive social network type of interactions, and will include dynamic 3rd party contributions over and above advertisement.

We also believe that a complete 3d Generation Social TV solution will enable anybody to be an event organizer for her/his community (subset of followers/friends/contacts sharing the same interest/passion) and instantaneously create a Social TV experience associated with the event.

The long tail will drive the market, a solution which empowers “anybody” to stage an event and become a 3rd Generation Social TV broadcaster will take the lion share of the market as opposed to a solution tailored to very large events.

Also, a community-oriented profiling model, based on levels of trust, and on transparency, visibility and editability of profiles, is one of the best possible answers to the current profiling model which is prevalent on the web and on social medias.

The team

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